Step 1–How To Choose A Domain Name


The first thing to consider when purchasing a domain name is your purpose. Will your domain be for personal use or for your business? Since this step is so important, I have divided it into two parts.



Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for Personal Use

my domain name

1. As a general rule, the shorter the domain name, the better!

Most of the really short domains are already taken, and since they are renewed on a yearly basis, your chances of finding a short domain are very limited — unless you choose a random combinations of letters and numbers. In addition, any expiring domain with any value associated with it are not simply put back on the market for anyone to register. They are normally put into a domain auction first, so this further limits the availability of short domains unless you are watching the auctions also. I’ll talk more about short domains later in this article so keep reading if you want to learn more getting a short domain.

2. Choose real words if you will be giving out your domain-registered email.

Real words make it easier for others to understand your email address. Almost all of the single “real word” domains are taken, so you will need to choose a combination of at two, three and  possibly up to four words. They don’t all have to be long words. For example, you can add “Mine,” “My,” or “Own” to the beginning or middle and words like “Site” or “blog” at the end. An example of a domain name using this technique would be . (This domain is actually available as I write this article.)

3. Think memorable.

It helps to have a personal email domain name that is not only comprised of real words, but has an easy-to-remember combination too. Again, this comes in handy if you are giving out your website or email address to others over the phone or within a face-to-face conversation.

4. Use a random letter number combination for the shortest domain possible.

If you will mainly using your custom domain email for establishing online accounts or in texting where people don’t need to remember it or understand it over the phone, you may want to choose a random combination of letters and numbers to get the shortest combination possible. In this case, a combination of four or five letters and numbers may be a perfect choice for you. However, if you will be doing a lot of texting, you may want to stay away from numbers to save yourself having to switch to the numbers on your phone when typing your email address.

If you are having trouble finding a combination you like (or if you want a three character domain), I may be able to provide you a list of available domains to choose from to help you find your perfect domain. You may email me at the below address. Please limit your requests to one per person.

CONTACT ME: PleaseHelpMeFindADomainName at dnh7 dot org

You may notice that I use kind of hybrid of the above tips in my custom domain name. The name has two of my initials in it helping make it memorable, it is easy to say over the phone and it’s short, so it saves time when logging into my online accounts.

5. Choose a made-up word as your domain name.

Another technique you can use is to create a name based on a made-up word that is pronounceable. This gives you the best of both worlds — a short available domain name and one that should be easy to remember and understand when telling someone your domain over the phone. If you are up on the trend for new websites, you may have noticed that a lot of sites are creating their own made-up words like “Zoomerang,” for example. If you are the creative type, this is always an option also.

6. Choose a .com, .net or .org domain name extension.domain name

These extensions are some of the most recognized and will make it easier when giving someone your custom email over the phone or in person. The most popular extension is .com, with .net coming in a close second. In most cases, it will be easier to find a domain name you like with the .org extension. In addition, as I mentioned in the home page article, the .info email domain I had previously didn’t always work when signing up for an online accounts, and I would end up using my personal email in these cases. I have never heard of any problems with the .com, .net or .org extensions in an email domain name when signing up for online accounts.



Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for Business Use

business domain

As mentioned in the first article about choosing your domain name, the first thing to consider when purchasing a domain name is your purpose. Will your domain be for personal use or for business use? There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a domain for a business. While I can’t possibly cover all of them, here are a few critical points to keep in mind.

1. Choose an effective extension.

For a business, a .com is generally the best extension. However, a .net extension and a .org extension are apparently treated the same for ranking in Google and a .net domain is treated the same as a .com on the other major search engines from what I have read.

2. Avoid dashes.

There are lots of rules that apply to choosing a business domain that ranks high in the search engines. This field of study is known as “search engine optimization” or “SEO.” A good rule of thumb when choosing a domain name is to avoid using any dashes.  I have seen a few domain names with dashes rank at the top of Google, but they are generally the exception.

3. Get the right your domain

To check the amount of competition, you can type the keyword phrase you are considering into Google in quotes. For example, I typed in “my own email domain”. If there are less than 70,000 sites with these keywords in this exact order, then you can probably rank for this, depending on the strength of your competing websites, of course. I have ranked for keyword phrases over 300,000 in keyword phrase competition, but it took a long time and effort.

4. Find help with your keyword research and SEO.

There are a lot of companies with whole teams of people who can help you rank more competitive keyword phrases, but they can charge thousands of dollars for their services. I run a smaller-scale SEO business. If you purchase your domain name and web hosting through me, I  will help you choose a domain name, create a basic WordPress website (for an additional fee of $99), and do your basic SEO (for $499). If I can’t get you to the first page of Google within 3 months, then there is no charge for the SEO services.

If you would like either of these services, please contact me for a free consultation and I will provide you a free detailed analysis of your desired keyword phrase and let you know if I can accept it for SEO or not. This free report is limited to one analysis per person or one per domain purchase. You may contact me at domainservices [@] dnh7 dot org. Of course remove the spaces and replace the word “dot” with a period when typing the email address. (The paces and word dot make it difficult for my email address to be automatically found by web scrapping programs.)

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