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If you’re looking for the best way to create your own email domain for personal, professional or business use with free email hosting then I strongly suggest you keep reading because I am going to share with you my experience and lessons learned from having my own email domain since 2004. In addition to the lessons learned that I share below in this article, I will give you the blue print I use to create my own email domains that works for personal, professional, small business, or corporate use that are scalable from one to hundreds of users.

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Until I created this system, I was paying $29.99 a year for the personal email service I used with my domain. This was in addition to the yearly cost of my domain. I used this service for a few years, but was paying for a lot of extras I wasn’t using at the time. Once I found out I could create my own reseller account with cheaper email options, but still have everything I needed, I did so. Since then I have saved a lot of money over the years by just having the services I needed. For example, my reseller service does not require hosting for your email domain (basically free email hosting) so this will save you a ton of money compared to most other email domain services. To create your own email domain through my reseller account you just need to register a domain name at and also purchase the email plan you want to associate with your domain. If you want to fast track your account creation just go to now and purchase your domain and choose the email package that works for you. If you have any questions after your purchase the 24/7 customer support number will assist you with linking your email service to your domain name. However, if you want to learn more then keep reading and I will explain what I have learned over the years and more about the various options available.

Unlike some other email services, at you also have the option to use the same domain you are using for your email for a website. Like I mentioned your domain email will work without hosting, but for those who want a website for a personal blog, a professional portfolio or your small business or a corporation, then you will also need to purchase hosting to run your website on. If you just want email then you can add the hosting for a website later if you decide to. Creating my reseller  service this way gives you the most flexible options available at the best prices and highest level of service so you only need to buy what you need when you need it. For anyone who just wants a personal email domain to someone who has boot strapped their own business like I have, I believe they will appreciate this flexibility.

After I created my first domain email account, I thought other people may want the flexibility to choose just the services they need also. After thinking about this for a while, I went ahead and created this and a few other small hobby websites to share what I have learned in an easy three-step blueprint.  With my reseller account, people have the option to purchase just the services they need.  To get your own email domain you will need to purchase a domain name and then purchase a personal/professional, small business email package, or  corporate level email package to go with it.

When I first created my reseller account I was able to give free basic email with a domain purchase, but the reseller service stopped allowing me to do this, so I had to rewrite this post to reflect the new updates. However, the free email is now available if you purchase hosting for a website along with your domain purchase.

My Story

I purchased my first custom domain name for my own email in 2004. After six years, I switched to a different custom domain name for a number of reasons. In this article, I am going to tell you why I switched and what lessons I learned over the years that will help you get the most out of your own email domain and hopefully save you the hundreds of dollars and the more than 100 hours in research and “redos” that learning them cost me.

Why I Switched Domains & Hosting Services

The first custom domain name I purchased was This name had a special meaning to my ancestors, so I bought it to remind me of my roots. I kept this domain for a number of years before changing hosting service and my custom domain name.

I changed my custom email domain for three reasons:

1. I wanted to have a shorter email address for texting and tweeting.

2. I found I didn’t need anywhere near the 2GB of space my paid email plan had.  I was paying $29.99 a year for my email in addition to the yearly domain cost. While this isn’t a lot, I discovered that if I set up my own domain re-seller account, I had the option to just choose the plan I needed without all the extras and I could also offer a bunch of free stuff — like a free one page starter website, a free online photo album and more with any domain purchase. Since I didn’t need the 2GB of space that came with my paid email plan, I figured I might as well do this and offer this same service to others to help them save money as well.

3. I learned through trial and error that there are a number of online services that do not recognize the .info extension I was using for my custom email domain as a valid email extension. This wasn’t a big deal, but I do like to protect my privacy by using a unique email address for almost every online account I create or online newsletter I sign up for. The email services at has an option called “catch-all” email. This option is also referred to as wild card email, alias email, virtual email and all email, but they all mean the same thing—you can make up any prefix you want for your email address and it will be delivered to your real email address associated with your domain. Using this feature, you can make up any prefix on the fly and you will receive it. For example,

None of these reasons by themselves were a big deal, but after a few years of thinking about changing, I took the plunge and changed over. I did run both custom email domains for a year to make sure I got all my online accounts switched over.


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